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Music Money offers the best mixtape covers you will ever find all for one amazing price. This is a part of our business that we take very seriously, and it has been an honour to be the mixtape cover maker for 1000s of music artists. When you have worked very hard preparing your mixtape and you are finally happy with how it sounds, your attention should now be focused on where to get the dopest mixtape covers in the game. As you can see from our mixtape covers samples, we run this game and have everything you could ever need to add a stunning visual element to your music. All music needs a great cd cover, even digital releases, and It is so important that you go with the right people.

We use 100% royalty free images when creating your mixtape covers and you get full exclusivity as soon as you purchase, which is super important. Everything you go on to earn with your music is yours alone. What we do is provide amazing mixtape covers from the God level and act as your personal mixtape cover maker to make your dream a reality.

All we ask is when you see how good our mixtape covers are... You tell everyone you know in the game who to come to for the best mixtape covers.

Buy yours today and get the best in the industry. Please send over your ideas and info on the check out page.

WHEN YOU ORDER - All you have to do when you order is enter your ideas in the box provided when you checkout. If you would like us to create ideas for you based on your music/name/genre please let us know when you order and we will create something magical for you.
FINISHED ALBUM ARTWORK/CD COVER DESIGNS will be emailed to your email address that you use when purchasing within 5 working days in HD format. Ready for release. Simple.
*Tag us in any album artwork that we have designed for you and we will
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ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just two of the ways we like to say thank you to our loyal customers. We told you to believe the hype.
SUPPORT - #musicmoney are available 24/7 before, during and after you have ordered from us. So if you have any new ideas, want to add any pictures in etc; we are available whenever you need us. Tweet us @musicmoneypruk or email musicmoneypr@gmail.com and a member of our team will reply within 24 hours.
Music Money PR serves the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and over 100 countries due to the values we represent; hard work, excellence and the best talent in the music industry. What are you waiting for? Make your purchase now.